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Hi, I’m Noah Yamamoto. I’m currently studying Computer Informational Systems at Baruch College in NYC. I do freelance web development and make fun, hopefully useful things in my free time. I’ve worked for cool companies like Bluehost, Refugees United, and Sincera.

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30 Jun 2017 blog Codewars Kata Solutions

This summer I’ve been mostly focusing on my job doing freelance web design. I’m saving up money for this programming bootcamp that I’m excited to start July 10th called Lambda School.

To sate my desire to learn in the meantime I’ve been slowly solving Codewars challenges (or Kata). These are just challenging enough to keep my interest and allow me to brainstorm interesting best-practice ways to solve them.

Starting off they’re mostly basic concepts, but as I progress so does the difficulty. I’ll be posting the solutions to my Github as I solve them so be... Read More

29 Mar 2017 projects Synonym and antonym finder.

Recently I’ve been working on a synonym/antonym finder to learn how to make use of Ajax requests and work with APIs in Javascript. It’s responsive, has proper error handling, and is written using best-practice coding style. There’s always room to improvement but I’m happy with where it’s at for now!

Originally when I started the project I went through many design iterations. When I started off I was collecting synonyms through a plaintext API and using Regex to make them viewable. As you can imagine this is a horrible way of going about things and caused... Read More

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Drop me an email if you’re interested in me coding for you. Or if you have an idea for a project, I’m always looking for interesting ideas to expand my skillset.