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Hi, I’m Noah Yamamoto. I’m currently studying Computer Informational Systems at Baruch College in NYC. I do freelance web development and make fun, hopefully useful things in my free time. I’ve worked for cool companies like Marvel Entertainment, Bluehost, and Refugees United.

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26 Jun 2018 blog Sudoku React Project

SUDOKU Sudoku Progressive Web Application in React with custom CommonJS algorithm module.

This project started as a Leetcode algorithm challenge to solve Sudoku puzzles, but then I thought, heck, I’m a front-end developer aren’t I? Let’s use this as an excuse to learn Progressive Web Apps and write the best possible React Sudoku app there ever was.

There were a lot of (un)expected challenges with the development of the logic (figuring out how to generate puzzles took 5x as long as solving them), but I wanted to learn how to do everything on my own with... Read More

27 Nov 2017 projects CSS Grid and flags exercise.

Recently I’ve been learning some more tools to optimize my web development workflow. After looking into CSS Grid I’m amazed that I haven’t used it earlier, almost entirely replaces functionality that I was using frameworks for previously.

Wanted to share some flags that I made using the grid system. Click here to view the page and source.

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Drop me an email if you’re interested in me coding for you. Or if you have an idea for a project, I’m always looking for interesting ideas to expand my skillset.