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Thanks for checking out my blog! Here I plan to post small to medium-length write-ups about various frontend topics from little-known API's to guides.

The first ever Javascript project I made was a site that would allow you to find synonyms of a given word. So when I decided to learn Electron, I figured I'd make another one!

For my personal site I made a gradient mouse trail animation that utilizes requestAnimationFrame to run at 60fps throughout the site, here's a little info on how I did that.

In my final project for the CIS2200 class I was TA'ing for I knew I wanted to make something that the students might find useful. I thought about the painpoints in my day, and being a New Yorker, the MTA instantly came to mind.

This project started as a Leetcode algorithm challenge to solve Sudoku puzzles, but then I thought heck, I'm a front end developer aren't I? Let's use this as an excuse to learn Progressive Web Apps and write the best possible React Sudoku app there ever was.

Feel free to drop me an email if you have any inquiries or suggestions. I'm always looking for new opportunities to expand my skillset.