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Codewars Kata Solutions

30 Jun 2017 . category: blog . Comments
#javascript, challenges, experience

This summer I’ve been mostly focusing on my job doing freelance web design. I’m saving up money for this programming bootcamp that I’m excited to start July 10th called Lambda School.

To sate my desire to learn in the meantime I’ve been slowly solving Codewars challenges (or Kata). These are just challenging enough to keep my interest and allow me to brainstorm interesting best-practice ways to solve them.

Starting off they’re mostly basic concepts, but as I progress so does the difficulty. I’ll be posting the solutions to my Github as I solve them so be sure to check them out here!

Unrelated, but a note to future me: make an app that can keep track of Scrabble score with the camera. I swear the scorekeeper cheats..


I'm currently studying Computer Informational Systems at Baruch College. I love web development and creating useful, exciting things.