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Reddit Generator and going ons.

11 Sep 2017 . category: blog . Comments
#blog, project, javascript, code

With this project the goal was to create a Javacript web app that could take in user input and use a Reddit API wrapper to retrieve images based on the input. It then uses stateful React components to change the page and generate image containers dynamically.

It’s mobile friendly and has a cool night themed design. Check out the code here, and check out the working product here.

Other than that, I’ve been extremely busy this summer. In addition to taking online classes with Lambda, I’ve been doing freelance web development on the side. With Lambda I’ve been learning the ins and outs of modern web development. We’ve been learning advanced Javascript, frameworks like Reactjs and Redux, as well as backend stuff like Node and MongoDB. It’s been extremely rewarding so far and I am looking forward to finishing the class mid-October.

I recently started school up again as well, so have been even busier than normal. I’ve also been studying in preparation for an internship I’m going to try to get for next summer.


I'm currently studying Computer Informational Systems at Baruch College. I love web development and creating useful, exciting things.