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Plans and current project

13 Nov 2017 . category: blog . Comments
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For the past few months I’ve been slammed with school and work, and I’ve been applying to internships like crazy. I’m hoping to find a great company to intern with next summer so I can get some more experience under my belt.

In the meantime, I wanted to post a wireframe for my next project idea. You see, a few of my classes are in large, lecture style rooms. The professor will often dim the lights and spend the next subsequent couple hours talking based off a presentation. During these lectures the students will have their laptops open to Google Docs or similar and will be taking notes that way. This is all well and good, but when you’re in a large classroom with dim lights, all these blindingly bright laptops make it hard to focus on the presentation if you’re sitting near the back.

That’s why I’m creating Notate, to solve this problem and more. Notate will be a dark-themed full-stack note taking app. It will allow the user to write rich-text notes and download them on the fly (to pdf or rtf) OR they can create an account and save it on the cloud.

I figure this would be a great chance to make use of my recently learned back-end knowledge with Express and Mongodb, but will also serve to strengthen my front-end skills with React and Draft.js.

Currently I’m still working on the tech and haven’t had a chance to refine the design, but I wanted to share a pic of what it could look like. Note: definitely will be stylizing the buttons better, and likely won’t end up with these colors. But the main idea is there: a simple/easy to use note taking app where you can just go and write without being distracted with “create an account” popups or advertisments, and that’s easy on the eyes.


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