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DNS info script.

28 Mar 2017 . category: projects . Comments
#dns, bash, linux, domain, script

When I used to work for Bluehost I would find myself often wanting to look up DNS information about customers domains to help me diagnose problems. In training they taught us all the flags of host, dig, and whois. That wasn’t good enough for me. I was tired of having to do 3 (at minimum) commands just to find basic information.

This was also around the time I got more interested in programming, so I decided to make it my pet project to learn Bash and automate a part of my job at the same time. This script has undergone many, many iterations to get it to where it is now. Looking at the version history you’d see clearly the dates I learned different tools like case and exec because I’d implement them as best I could.

Bash for a long time was my favorite language because of the pure malleability of it (and because I liked VIM). You can mix and match commands and regex to accomplish nearly anything. Unfortunately you can’t really do anything beyond Linux scripting with it, so I’ve sinced moved on to languages like Javascript and Python.

Below you’ll find an example image of what my script does when executed in the terminal. Probably not useful for many people but it was a learning experience nonetheless.

Here’s the code.


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