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Synonym and antonym finder.

29 Mar 2017 . category: projects . Comments
#synonym, antonym, project, code, javascript

Recently I’ve been working on a synonym/antonym finder to learn how to make use of Ajax requests and work with APIs in Javascript. It’s responsive, has proper error handling, and is written using best-practice coding style. There’s always room to improvement but I’m happy with where it’s at for now!

Originally when I started the project I went through many design iterations. When I started off I was collecting synonyms through a plaintext API and using Regex to make them viewable. As you can imagine this is a horrible way of going about things and caused many sytlistic errors among the least. From there I went into learning how to actually work with a JSON object and properly access its properties iteratively.

After I got the synonyms working perfectly I wanted another challenge. I decided to add the ability to search for antonyms as well, seeing as how the API I was working with already gave them to me. I struggled for awhile finding the proper way to add this in without cluttering the minimalistic design. What I ended up with is allowing the user to tap the “Synonym Finder” title text in order to toggle between synonyms and antonyms. I like this design because it allows me to double the functionality without adding extra visual clutter or segmenting the projects into different URLs. I probably wouldn’t use it in actual work for lack of clarity but I think it looks good in this tech demo.

Below is a small webm that shows how it works. If you’d like to use it live click here. Any feedback is more than appreciated, email me or let me know on my Github!


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